About the Artist

About the Artist

Sanna M. Koski 1978-

I remember being 10 years old when I first started defining myself as an Artist. I had already been doodling for a few years when someone (my 5th grade teacher) expressed that I had talent, by framing a drawing I had done in class (a lily, drawn from life with colored pencils). From then on, my focus was on my two loves: Art and Music. In both, I received high recognition throughout my school years. It was always assumed, by myself and my family and peers, that I would continue on to college to become a Real Artist. However, the prestigious art college I found myself in was not what I was expecting (a common complaint for many realist artists, it seems). I left, to forge my own path.


My experimental path has taken me around the world and on many passionate adventures. My deep interest in painting and drawing has remained a constant, and my progress has developed through many years of drawing from life at figure- and portrait-drawing sessions. My specialty for many years has been realistic portraits in pencil, and in the last few years I have become passionately intrigued by the challenges of painting in color. This has taken me outdoors to capture the fleeting moods and light in watercolor as well as oil paint. Presently, my creative energies are also finding expression through innovative fiber art techniques,  with the motive toward creating fine art garments.


Whatever the medium, what drives me is the relentless quest to perfect my vision. Making things of beauty and expression, I have found, is essential to me. It has been said that every portrait an artist paints is a self portrait. Also, that the meaning of life is to see.





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